ROI Media – The swedes in Manchester

A couple of months back a Swedish Media firm called ROI set their first steps in Manchester. With their unique way of delivering leads to everything from construction companies and banks, to lawyers and roofers, ROI Media has big plans for Manchester. The city, which is one of the big industrial cities of England is home to many big corporations who is on the hunt for promising leads. Taking the place as supplier of those leads is exactly what ROI Media aims to do in the UK. The city has a bug demand and ROI has the experience to step in and help out the firms in need.

Why is ROI Media in Manchester?

The Swedish Media company ROI saw the lack of knowledge in the marketing and lead generation business and started to develop a plan to expand to Manchester. With much experience and business wise strong business leaders and the BGF with wise advices, the Swedish firm plans to make a statement in the United Kingdom. There is no way that the firm doesn’t make it in this beautiful country with the experience they possess and the advices they get from BGF. There is so many firms in need of good leads in the construction sector so there will be plenty of firms for the experienced ROI Media Manchester to work with.

How do they work?

ROI gathers leads by owning and operating hundreds and hundreds of landing pages which they rent out to one client per site. This has proven to be a foolproof concept which in a short span of time has taken them from small offices in basements of Stockholm to big offices in Manchester. The firm doesn’t plan to stop there! They plan to take the elevator all the way up to the top.

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